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Ashiñwaka—Association of Sapara Women of Ecuador

Gloria Ushigua, President
T: 099 986 2480

The Association of S.para Women of Ecuador, Ashiñwaka, was created in 2009 to respond to the fundamental need to protect the human rights of S.para women who have historically suffered from violence and discrimination, both within their communities and in the urban centers of the country. ASHIWAKA defends the rights of women, and promotes equal participation of Sapara women in political, cultural, and social spaces.

Conversations du monde
Nicolas Villaume, Director
465 Calle Ramon Ribeyro, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
T: +511 999 009 076

Founded in Paris in 2004 by French photographer Nicolas Villaume, the association CONVERSATIONS DU MONDE (CDM) primary focuses on promoting oral tradition and cultural awareness using the emotional power of combined arts (photography, videos, Internet and new media) to create quality multimedia exhibitions from grass roots communities to leading international museums and education organisations. CDM has been involved in more than 50 multimedia venues worldwide, from the most remote places like Tambobamba, a small community of the Andes in Peru, to the most popular museums like the Smithsonian in Washington DC.



Nick Lunch, Director
106 Cowley Road, Oxford, UK
C: +44 (0)7766 178533

Founded in 1999, InsightShare uses Participatory Video as a powerful community engagement tool to build a grassroots movement of practice. IsnghtShare envisions a world where healthy and resilient communities draw upon local knowledge, experience, skills, generational wisdom and intuition to exert influence over the critical issues they     face.

Land Is Life

Casey Box, Executive Director
C: +1 (646) 812-6255

Since its founding in 1992, Land is Life has supported a broad, trusted network of Indigenous leaders, communities and organizations defined by solidarity, transparency and a shared vision of the future. Drawing from the collective strength of its global network, Land is Life addresses local challenges and opportunities while upholding Indigenous Peoples right to self-determination.


Pgakenyaw Association for Sustainable Development (PASD)

Prasert Trakansuphakon, Director
146 Moo 2, T. Sansainoi, A.Sansai P.Chiang Mai 50210 Thailand
T: +66 81 9934641

The Pgakenyaw Association for Sustainable Development (PASD) is a local indigenous organization with legal status from the Thai government, granted in 2009. PASD aims to support the community-based sustainable development of the Karen by building on their traditional knowledge and natural resource management systems for human wellbeing and biodiversity.

Snowchange Cooperative

Dr. Tero Mustonen, Director
Havukkavaarantie 29, FIN81235 Lehtoi, Finland
T: +358 40 7372424

Founded in 2000, Snowchange is an organisation devoted to the advancement of Finnish traditions and culture. It is also a global network of local and Indigenous communities around the world, as well as a strong scientific organisation working with the Arctic Council, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment, National Science Foundation in the USA, and others.


Ttengri (School of Soul Ecology)

Danil Mamyev, Director
Sovetskay, 78, vil. Onqudai, Altai Republic, 649440, Russia
T: +7(38845)26426

Founded in 1995, Tengri (the School of Soul Ecology) works on reviving traditional knowledge of Altai by implementing a holistic system of activities that help preserve, strengthen and re-create the relationship between the people and the Sacred Earth. In 2001, Tengri established Uch Enmek Nature Park to protect the natural and cultural space of the sacred Karakol Valley.

Sámi Nue’tt

Pauliina Feodoroff, co-Director
C/O Tiina Sanila-Aikio, Sanilantie 36, 99800 Ivalo, Finland
T: +358 40 7364475

Saa’mi Nue’tt is a cultural association working to safeguard and transfer the biocultural heritage of the Skolt S.mi for the future generations by revitalizing and strengthening.